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Contact a Local locksmith to update security before a trip

Taking a holiday vacation and leaving your house with your family? That’s great! However, it is very important to contact a local locksmith before you leave and take your vacation. Burglars attack at random times — even during the day and night. In addition, keep in mind that thieves don’t take days off! So when your property is left unattended, burglaries are more often to occur.  Since there is no one in your home, this makes it an easier target for burglars. This is why it is important to keep your property protected at all times, and one of the best ways to do that is by simply reaching out to a reliable locksmith. Things to do before leaving As much as possible, always call a certified locksmith before you leave. Find a professional local locksmith who fit your needs and once you found one, make an appointment with them as soon as possible. They’ll be able to do a survey and provide top-notch recommendations on the security measures to take before the day of your trip. These recommendations often include: Replacing locks Did you know that many burglars often target the front door? Yes, that’s a fact, and this…
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5 Door Lock Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

Door lock problems occur from time to time. Just like every other stuff, door locks can wear or break in time, and this is unavoidable. Thankfully, many door lock issues can be repaired before they become so serious. As much as possible, try not to ignore your door lock problems as they tend to grow and cause more issues at an inconvenient time if not fixed immediately. So, if you are currently dealing with a door lock issue, then better check the common door lock problems that you may potentially encounter. Broken key in a lock Breaking a door key in a lock can be one of the most frustrating and challenging door lock problems to deal with. Don’t get troubled if this happens to you. You can easily get the broken key out off the lock by using pliers. Use the pliers to grip the key and pull it out. Feel free to use either a long-nose or needle-nose pliers. Take your time and try to remove the broken key as carefully as you can to prevent damaging the lock further. Door lock works slowly Interior and exterior locks can freeze and get dirty over time. Also, the little…
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3 simple solutions you can try yourself before calling a locksmith

Getting locked out of your car, home, or office is absolutely not fun. This commonly results in crawling in an open window or contacting a reliable locksmith. But what if you don’t have duplicate keys or all the windows are closed? The only way to get you out is to call a locksmith. However, before you decide to make a call, there are several solutions you should consider doing first. While these things may not work, this will enable you to save time, effort and money if one of them works for you. Open or break the window You can easily get out of a lockout by simply opening or breaking a locked window. Many windows can be opened with a screwdriver, particular flathead one. All you have to do is to stick the flat screwdriver into the window’s bottom and push down the handle. This will enable you to open locked windows as easy as a piece of cake if done right. It’s always a good idea to have a screwdriver hidden in your house in case of a lockout. Smash the doorknob off Breaking the doorknob off is one of the easiest ways to overcome lockout. Plus, this…
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