3 simple solutions you can try yourself before calling a locksmith

Getting locked out of your car, home, or office is absolutely not fun. This commonly results in crawling in an open window or contacting a reliable locksmith. But what if you don’t have duplicate keys or all the windows are closed? The only way to get you out is to call a locksmith. However, before you decide to make a call, there are several solutions you should consider doing first. While these things may not work, this will enable you to save time, effort and money if one of them works for you.

Open or break the window

You can easily get out of a lockout by simply opening or breaking a locked window. Many windows can be opened with a screwdriver, particular flathead one. All you have to do is to stick the flat screwdriver into the window’s bottom and push down the handle. This will enable you to open locked windows as easy as a piece of cake if done right. It’s always a good idea to have a screwdriver hidden in your house in case of a lockout.

Smash the doorknob off

Breaking the doorknob off is one of the easiest ways to overcome lockout. Plus, this will allow you to save money.  After all, calling a reliable locksmith comes with quite a price. If you have a hammer, use it to hit and break the doorknob. Don’t stop until you have sufficient space with the deadbolt. Although you have to change and replace the doorknob, the effort and cost could still be reduced that reaching out to a locksmith.

Contact the caretaker

If you live in an apartment, contact the caretaker. They usually have a key for most of the apartments in the building. You can also try calling a neighbor and borrow their key — this also works sometimes. If the key from your neighbors works, replace your lock to keep you safe and secured. In addition, if your apartment has a cleaning team, feel free to reach out to them. They may have some duplicate keys to your unit and may be able to help you get out and open the doors.

Lockouts never happen at a convenient time and it is really frustrating. But don’t get troubled. Just follow the tips above and you should be able to solve a lockout issue in no time. If all else fails, then don’t hesitate to call a professional locksmith in your area!

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